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Burt Hubbard's Blog

I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS posted today its package on the Colorado state law and childhood... more »
posted 06/23/13
In the past several years, the U.S. has struggled to try to get a handle on childhood obesity.... more »
posted 07/09/12

Burt Hubbard's Work

For the Dennis Hunt grant, Burt Hubbard and I-News produced a package of stories including video, photos and interactive graphics on Colorado’s new exercise requirements in elementary school. Incorporating student journalists in the project required a good, solid plan.

As part of a fellowship project examining a watered-down school exercise law in Colorado, I-News Network built a searchable database that presents demographic data for each school district.

A 2011 Colorado law requiring 30 minutes of physical activity a day for elementary students was supposed to mark a new tool in the fight against childhood obesity – but in reality it did little more than reinforce the status quo. The reason: The measure was gutted during the legislative process.