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The health care system in Navajo territory received less attention during COVID than other... more »
posted 02/10/22
How one reporter perservered to find the right people for bringing an overlooked story of the... more »
posted 01/10/22
The pandemic has disproportionately deferred care for chronic conditions among communities of... more »
posted 04/09/21

Eli Cahan's Work

COVID-19 ravaged Indigenous tribes in New Mexico. State and federal data reveal how a long legacy of uranium exposure may have made them uniquely vulnerable.
People whose maternal care depends on federal dollars can’t get abortions under the Hyde Amendment. What will the end of Roe hold for them?
“The treatment of amputees is in the dark ages, and COVID only made the dark ages darker,” said Dr. Demetrios Macris, a vascular surgeon in San Antonio, Texas.