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Fentanyl had saturated the city’s drug supply. But it seemed too easy to blame fentanyl when... more »
posted 08/31/22
Those dying from drug overdoses in the city are now disproportionately African American. What... more »
posted 10/28/21
Why are students turning to social media to report sexual harm rather than parents or school... more »
posted 02/01/21

Holly McDede's Work

About 400 unhoused people stay at Hotel Whitcomb, and many deal with substance use disorders. That means staff who work at the hotel are fighting to keep guests alive.
The philosophy of harm reduction spread internationally when activists and caregivers sought ways to reduce suffering and health risks during the AIDS crisis in the '80s.
The new site opened amid mounting pressure on city leaders to reduce open-air drug use and skyrocketing overdose deaths in the neighborhood.