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Awards and Updates

NCCNHR Public Service Award - awarded by National Citizen's Coalition for Nursing Home Reform

The Chicago Reporter and I will receive this recognition in late October for our series, "Critical Condition." The series points out racial disparities in Chicago and Illinois nursing homes.

Jeff Kelly Lowenstein's Blog

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Jeff Kelly Lowenstein's Work

A big national health report or new story breaks, and you'd like to cover the news with a local or regional angle. What should you keep in mind? Veteran investigative reporter Jeff Kelly Lowenstein offers five suggestions to get your story started.

In the second of two parts, reporter Jeff Kelly Lowenstein shares more strategies for ensuring that big reporting projects reach audiences and have impacts. Many think of publication as the end of a project, but it's really the start of an opportunity to make your project matter more.

To really engage audiences and maximize the impact of a big reporting project, it's vital to plan ahead. Reporter Jeff Kelly Lowenstein shares the strategies he used to give legs to a recent three-part investigative series on nursing home care.