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Awards and Updates

William H. Cowles III Memorial Award for Public Service - 2018 - awarded by UISAPA

Helped co-lead a team of reporters for a project on teenage anxiety. Here's what the judges said of our year-long series, Generation Vexed: "Great job of addressing the problem through actual people. Including outreach into the community is exactly what newspapers need to do these days. This series represents a vital service provided."

Mental Health America 2019 Media Award - awarded by Mental Health America

Each year, Mental Health America honors media professionals who "excel in their reporting and portrayal of mental health issues in news and entertainment media." I helped lead a team of reporters in a year-long project looking at teenage anxiety in "Generation Vexed"

Sara Israelsen-Hartley's Blog

As I searched and learned about the silent, naturally occurring gas produced from the breakdown... more »
posted 08/06/19

Sara Israelsen-Hartley's Work

HB45 proposes a radon task force to study solutions.
Utah has the lowest smoking rate in the nation, yet the biggest source of cancer deaths in the state is lung cancer. How can that be?
Utah has the lowest smoking rate in the nation, yet lung cancer kills more people than any other cancer. What’s going on?