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The emergency room doctor was furious at the abuse heaped on Audre’y Eby's son. The boy's... more »
posted 01/22/14
My latest story, Rough Justice in Indian Child Welfare, provides a rare and shocking behind-the... more »
posted 12/25/12
Diabetes prevention on the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation in South Dakota more »
posted 12/22/12

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Indian country is a very different world from the one most of us mainstream reporters inhabit. Here are some ways to make stories about Native Americans easier to put together and more accurate.

"We Breathe Again" tackles the reality of high suicide rates in Alaska and the prevention efforts aiming to help. The film's director says, the movie is "about serious issues, but it’s also uplifting—a healing journey."

At risk youth have an opportunity to make a change and get the help they need through a suicide-prevention camp put together by Native American tribes.